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  • Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Fushifa Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

    Miss Huang


    Address: No. 8 Yantang Road, Pingshan 188 Industrial Zone, Tangxia, Dongguan City
    Tel: 0769-87819228
    Mobile phone: 18925507118
    Contact person: Shirley Huang
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    FSF-M001 Injection mold processing manufacturers custom

            Our factory is specialized in producing all kinds of plastic products. At present, it has strong technical force and advanced production equipment. The CNC machining center is the main body, and the general machining is assisted by the modern mold molding method, which greatly shortens the production cycle and reduced human error. Welcome to customized product according your sample or drawing.

    [Equipment]: There are CNC room, milling machine, spark machine and other model room equipment and 26 sets of 80-450 tons vertical and horizontal injection molding machines

    [Introduction of Capacity]: According to the production cycle of the product, each injection molding machine can vary from 5000 to 10,000 per day.

    [Quality Assurance]: Experienced tuning technicians specialize in dealing with incurable diseases in production, and professional quality inspectors inspect products to ensure product quality.

    [Mold Maintenance]: There are professional mold maintenance personnel, responsible for repairing and processing the mold in the production of the problem, regular maintenance of the mold, to ensure longer mold life, better product quality, the mold provided by the customer in the production process we Free repair mold

    [Mold Cycle]: According to the product structure, generally 20-45 days

    [Processing Range]: Plastic products of various shapes and materials.

    [Product post-processing]: There are pad printing machine, screen printing machine, heat transfer machine, tapping machine and assembly workers, etc., Can provide the required processing in the later stage of the product, there are cooperative fuel injection plant, electroplating factory, plastic bag factory, carton packaging factory, can provide customers with one-stop service for post-processing of plastic products