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    FSF-088 New-model hanging or table decoration water storage plastic flower pots

    Product Description:

    Product name:New-model hanging or table decoration water storage plastic flower pots


    Material:outer material PS,inner material PP

    Colors:The outer layer is transparent, and the inner layer is available in various colors

    Application:It can be planted with soil, or it can be cultured in water. The outer layer is made of new PS plastic, and the inner layer is made of PP plastic. It is durable and beautiful.

    Application scenario:

    **1. Hanging type: chain hook, which can be hung in front of the bookcase, at the edge of the window, etc.

    **2. Table decoration: round flower pot design, can be placed on the table, on the balcony, or in front of the window.

    **3. Wall-mounted: equipped with nails and fixed feet, nailed special nails into the wall, and fixed feet on the bottom, you can place the flower pots on the wall, adding a beautiful landscape to you.

    Product details: