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  • Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Fushifa Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

    Miss Huang

    core strengths

    20 years of experience in injection moulding

    Is a design, development, production and processing as one of the plastic products company

    Three Core Advantages

    Years of production experience, industry benchmarking brand, win in strength

    1. We have many machines, hundreds of employees, and produce a lot of products every day.
    2. Always adhere to the principle of quality first and service supremacy, from project communication to the production process of each process, the final product output layer by layer checks.
    3. The products sell well all over the world, and there are distributors all over the country.

    Strict Quality Inspection Wins in Quality

    1. Import high-quality raw materials, wetting process to ensure product quality
    2. Exit the factory to carry out strict inspection, and strictly check the five working procedures layer by layer.
    3. 100% pass EU environmental protection test

    Perfect service system

    1. For every order, there will be a special person tracking service.
    2. Customer service will provide professional guidance and suggestions according to the actual use of customers.

    About us

      Founded in 1999, Dongguan Fushifa Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has 20 years of experience in injection molding production. It is a plastic product company integrating design, development, production and processing. Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, with more than 100 employees. Our products mainly include product design and development, mold manufacturing, acrylic transparent high-end crafts, plastic transparent packaging boxes, plastic accessories, plastic household products and horticultural plastic products. Welcome to OEM and ODM!

    • team
    • Medium Horizontal Injection Molding Workshop
    • Small injection department
    • Small model room
    • Sample room
    • Company gates
    • Workshop
    • Big mold room

    Certificate of authorization